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Since the year 2003, 30 childcare providers have taken college level classes as a cohort at a local community park district in the immediate community.

To date, these providers have earned 45 college level classes.  Their goals are to earn enough credits to get an Associate in Early Childhood Education.

Financial literacy, individual development account (ida)

With support of HSBC, we successfully developed and implemented a Financial Literacy Training for thirty childcare providers from the Network The providers attended 10 months of training and went on to develop business plans, a budget and savings habits that will enable them to purchase a first time home, continue their education or make a purchase toward their present businesses.  HSBC continued their support through with funds for administrative personnel to facilitate the training.

HSBC has supported our efforts to develop and implement a "Community Technology Center". This center will provide access to State of the Art computers that will be assessable to the Network members as well as the community at large.

With the help of the computers, we will be able to facilitate a Job Training program for TANF clients and other individual and GED Classes will also take place at the Center.  Access to the internet will also be available to the community and the Network providers who are continuing their education

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